Maria and her stupid conspiracy theories.   She keeps saying Skynet is still alive, and all the terminators are going to become killers again! She is so paranoid!  Then she says we rely too much on technology.  See, I don’t like technology because I don’t want to learn everything new, not because I think it’s gonna flip out and murder every single creature on Earth!

I mean, she’s only 13, and she hates life. She has nothing to be sad about!!  She is so depressed all the time and draws these really weird, morbid things. And they’re all over our room. I hate having to see that scary stuff all the time. I mean, it is really freaky. I put up my drawings and fashion designs, and she says they’re too formulaic or something. She is totally jealous of my talent and happiness! She tries to explain what she’s trying to say in her work, and Mom and Dad keep encouraging her. They say she is a true artist and is really talented. Really??  They don’t care about my fashion designs and want me to stay focused on school.

Maria really scares me sometime. If Skynet is still alive and the terminators go back to being killers, she would definitely join the war. She would probably kill us all. And she hates me, so she’d come after me first. I should jam my stiletto into the back of her skull, but even though I cannot stand her, I could not do that.

I don’t want to be a killer and hurt humans or anyone. I mean I’m part human!  Would I want to kill myself? Humans never did anything to me. I know some terminators don’t trust them, but I say those machines should all be thrown in prison or that place in Cuba. I’m scared of them.  You know they just want a reason to hurt people or something.

Even Rick isn’t as crazy about her theories mainly because he’s so dumb and stoned all the time. But sometimes Hal joins in with her leftist mumbo jumbo. I have to make sure Elizabeth and Dana stay sane and happy!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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