I still had Mom with me though since I only have my learner’s permit. And of course, she was freaking out the whole time. She even shrieked, and if you’ve ever heard an alien shriek, the sound goes into your ear, down your throat, into your chest and you have a heart attack.  She had to humiliate me in front of my friends.

We went to Sephora first then Lush, two of my favorite stores. I got some gorgeous lip glosses and eye shadows. Lisa says I need to play up my eyes, whether they’re green or red.  Vogue says that hot thing for terminators is showing their metal and red eyes, so I have to be fashionable.  My terminator parts are the CPU, eyes and legs. No one is showing their CPU’s though which is good. Mine is buried in my alien head. Now I don’t have to put on that horrible fake skin on my legs.  I swear, it feels like rubber and gets really tricky around the ankle. You have to make sure it doesn’t bunch up and look like cankles.  And human girls think shaving their legs is tough!

After buying our makeup, we went to the Apple store to drool. I so want to be a Mac girl and get all the accessories. But no, Dad had to make us PC’s running LINUX!! Really, Dad?  I want to install an ipod into my CPU like all the cool kids.  Dad finally installed smartphones in us.  But no data plan!  Fail.

Having Windows does suck a little. Poor Angela crashes a lot, and we have to reboot her in class. She gets so embarrassed when she faints.  She’s always afraid she drooled on herself while unconscious. The IT nurse’s office is always busy with them, and luckily, I barely get sick.  The Mac kids, of course, are perfect.

So I’m playing with the new iPad in the store, and Lisa nudges me. I don’t even want to look up because I know. Dale is walking in!  He runs on a Mac operating system which is why he’s so cool.

He was getting updated, and I couldn’t help staring at his CPU.  He saw me looking, and I quickly turned away. I could feel my heart racing and picked up the nearest thing, earbuds, which I totally can’t even use.

Angela said I was blushing which is tough with the dark alien skin. I had to get out of there to breathe!  I slowly walked out of the store, saying hi to people I didn’t know.

I’m so glad I saw Dale at the Apple store instead of somewhere lame.  Maybe he’ll think I’m Mac too!!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Sameena Usmani says:

    Most of your classmates run on Linux too!

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