Sarah Connor (Terminator)

Sarah Connor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grandpa talks about John and Sarah Connor all the time. He’s not really our Grandpa, but he took care of my dad when he was reborn. You know how Schwarzenegger played a terminator who protected the Connors in Terminator 2?  Well, my Grandpa was their bodyguard after he died.

Grandpa is African-American, and he was upset they didn’t show him in the movie. Everyone thinks terminators are only white, but they’re actually all races. His best buddy is this short, adorable Asian guy who looks a lot like Jackie Chan.  He keeps saying I should model, so I love him!

Grandpa took Connor as his last name to help fit in when they were on the run. And John named him Mike. They acted like a perfect family, and he homeschooled John, took him to soccer practice, just loved him like a true son.

Grandpa even dated Sarah Connor for a while!! I mean, they were together all the time! He said Sarah was actually pretty cool.  A little intense, but super smart.  But man, she really hated terminators. I mean HATE. She finally realized Grandpa was different. He did save her and John so many times! Even the movies showed that not all terminators were horrible.  Arnold was a protector, and the terminator in Salvation was a regular guy who saved John again and fell in love with a human!  See, we have emotions!!

Arnold always looked and acted so cool in the films, dressed in leather head to toe. Grandpa wears tattered jeans and old t-shirts from thrift stores!  He had a t-shirt with a really faded Wile E. Coyote on it which said “Super genius.” Grandpa just loved that thing and kept saying he was a super genius!  I think he would look so great in a nice Hugo Boss suit, but I still can’t get him to come with me to the mall.

I cannot see Grandpa as a killing machine.  I mean I’ve never even seen him hurt a fly!!  He is just the sweetest man I know.  And he bought me my first Coach purse, so he gets extra points!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Sameena Usmani says:

    I didn’t know your grandfather protected the Connors. You have a fascinating family tree with Ellen Ripley as your great-great grandmother as well! I’m excited to hear your stories.

  2. […] Uncle John Connor’s wife. They named him Michael, after my Grandpa. As I wrote in my post “Sarah, John and Grandpa Connor,” he was one of the Connor terminator bodyguards. Uncle definitely thought of Grandpa as his real […]

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