I really hate how those Alien movies show us. We look all nasty and evil. They don’t even show us talking to the humans. I mean, most of us speak two languages. We’re not dumb!  And they show us laying tons of eggs all the time. The eggs covered the ground. In reality, aliens only lay one at a time. But they can lay lots of them in their lifetime.  And I have to admit, it gets a little slimy. We’re not the neatest species.

Thank God, 99% of alien women are on birth control. They can’t handle all the kids. Feeding them, putting them through college. The makeup alone to make our skin look halfway presentable costs a fortune. And the clothes, especially if you want to look good!

Even though Mom doesn’t believe in contraception, at least she realizes she can’t be a good mother to a hundred children. So she isn’t spurting out eggs all the time.  Thank GOD!  My parents still have 6 kids though, and one more is on the way. Dana is still in her egg. She’s supposed to hatch soon but is definitely overdue.

I mean, aliens have to use some sort of contraception if they’re dating humans. You know, they don’t want to kill their boyfriend or girlfriend to have a kid. At least not the ones I know!

I just pray Mom and Dad don’t have any more kids.  Otherwise, I’ll be a babysitter my whole life.  I enjoy taking care of Elizabeth though since she is my little dress up doll!  I won’t mind helping out when Dana is born.  She’s cool, and we talk a lot already. It would be nice if Rick would help out. But I wouldn’t want him touching my kids either so I guess my parents ask the most responsible one. I cannot wait to have my own kids. I mean, kids’ clothes are adorable, right!  I better have girls, so we can get matching outfits!!

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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