YES!!!  Everyone is so shocked that Dad is a nurse.  He’s always been good at fixing things, and after he became a dad, he became much more emotional.  He didn’t just fix people, aliens and terminators, but he really liked them.

He’s a surgical nurse at a nearby hospital and loves his job.  And Dad studied all bodies–alien, human and terminator, which is rare. His bosses say he’s not only precise but surprisingly has a great bedside manner too!  Come on people, just because we’re terminators doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings!

People learn everything from the media. I know most of the terminators were killing machines, but even Terminator 2 showed the other side of us.  Schwarzenegger played a T-800 terminator who protected John and Sarah Connor.  And the terminator played around more with John than his own mother.  Man and machine actually liked each other!! And this was in the middle of the war! You would think we would all be okay now, so long after the war, but many still aren’t sure about terminators.  Even some aliens are skeptical which makes no sense.

And in Terminator Salvation, the machine fell in love with a human (SHOCK!) and he died for John Connor. I mean, hello? In real life, we helped the humans beat Skynet. Humans reprogrammed the machines that were left after the war.

My dad gets really upset about the harassment.  Some patients don’t want him touching them. And my dad’s friend, Tom, is gay and black, so some patients don’t want him either. It’s like, do you people want to live?  These are your nurses who actually want to help you!

I don’t know. I see how much Dad puts into his job. But people are so quick to hate. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some crappy, hateful terminators too. But sometimes terminators have to really work to get humans to like us. My dad and some of his friends even helped get the really nasty terminators for war crimes.  How much more do people want??

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Sameena Usmani says:

    I’m glad you’re talking about the prejudice terminators face. Many of my students feel the same way, and you can teach them by being yourself. Hopefully, they will learn about the individuals, not just the group.

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