Why not another planet? Well, humans won the war on Earth and beat the machines. Skynet is dead. Of course humans were going to win!  I mean, they made the machines. I still don’t understand how the terminators even became so smart.

But so many humans died in the war, and they needed help to build back the cities and to do the jobs no humans wanted.  So, they reprogrammed the remaining terminators.

Then, aliens landed soon after the war. They incubated in humans, killing off more. Thing was, the next generation incubated humans, then the next, then the next.  Aliens became more and more human. They didn’t want to incubate and kill adults that looked like them. They saw terminators as the perfect being to birth their kids. I mean, terminators can just stitch themselves back together!  I need to learn how to sew from Dad!

The cool thing is, aliens and terminators seem to get along. Humans don’t always trust us though, and I can kind of see their point. Dad does say the war was really nasty.  Millions of people and terminators were killed. But it’s been so long since all that happened, you know? We’re all a new generation. And we didn’t do anything wrong.

Some humans love aliens and terminators though.  My sister Shelley married a great human, and they’ve been together for 5 years.  Andre’s really cool and has a sexy French accent.  Too bad he’s taken!  He even got me into some cool French fashions, like Christian Dior and even though I don’t like Jean Paul Gaultier, I think he is really talented.  I know some aliens who LOVE Gaultier. He really understands the alien body.

The problem is Shelley and Andre can’t have kids since it would kill him.  They’re looking for a surrogate father which gets really expensive.  Obviously, aliens can only reproduce with terminators or other aliens, but it seems like all terminators are always incubating!

Doctors are still trying to find a way for humans to incubate.  They’ve been pretty close a few times, so I think they’ll figure it out.  I mean scientists made Skynet, right? And they killed it too. They’re smart enough to figure it out.

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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  1. Sameena Usmani says:

    Great job so far! I knew you would be a natural at this. Excellent information about the war and interspecies relations. Blogging will become second nature soon.

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