Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley, my great-great grandmother in better days (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_Ripley)

So like my profile says, I’m Ripley Connor, daughter of an alien-human and a terminator. And this blog is an assignment that I do not want to do at all. But I’m hoping it’ll grow on me since it’s better than writing analysis papers about some artsy movie, right?

I just have no idea what Sameena expects. I know, my media and communications teacher says to call her by her first name because I guess she wants to seem cool and laidback or something. She wants us to write not only about everyday stuff, but about our families, our backgrounds, who we are. I just want to pass this class.

I know I have to play up the whole alien-terminator thing. She loves terminators and aliens. It’s like she thinks being human is just boring. I swear, if she asks me one more question about my great-great grandmother, I will die.  Ellen Ripley was a cranky old woman when I met her!!

The only cool thing about all this is I get to read Dale’s blog.  He already knows I like him, so I don’t care if he reads this.  Hi Dale!!  I really have to figure out what to talk to him about.  Everyone says he’s a great football player. I mean he is super buff, definitely terminator. I went to one of the games and only stared at him the whole time.  I want to talk about how great the game was and kinda know what I’m talking about, you know? I don’t even know what position he plays.  I guess I have to finally learn football from Dad. So not looking forward to that, but Dad will love the whole dad-daughter bonding thing.  It worked for my sisters, but actually, I really prefer church.  At least I understand that and like it!

I heard you can actually make money from some of these blogs.  Maybe I’ll finally be able to buy some decent clothes.  Mom and Dad said they can’t afford everything I like.  I mean, I want to be a fashion designer and a model, so I need to wear the clothes I love. I can see what fits, what works, learn about good fabrics. Mom says just to try things on in the store. It’s not the same. I know Dale would be BLOWN AWAY by me in a gorgeous Armani outfit.  I mean, everyone would just die!

Dad says I should get a part-time job to pay for the outfits.  I think I am going to. If I get a few modeling gigs, I can make a lot of money. I have to get some head shots and go to every modeling agency in town.

I guess I should also learn how to draw if I want to be a fashion designer.  And sew.  I’ll have to buy a sewing machine, but then I have to learn how to use it!  And I hate learning about new technologies!

Too much new stuff!  And we have to make a Facebook and Twitter page for this class. I really should ask Dale to help me with all this technology, right?

About Ripley Connor

Part alien. Part human. Part terminator. All mixed up.

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