Where have you been, Ripley?

I’m so sorry humans! I’ve been out of commission literally for months. I was in the terminator hospital to get a few parts changed, and I was in recovery for several months. Then I broke a few fingers in my hands. And you know how long are fingers are! I couldn’t type and still have so many problems with my human keyboard. Mom and Dad still can’t spring for a terminator-accessible keyboard!

Anyhoo, I’ll be in and out with the blog. School is still kicking me in the tail, so I can’t really spend much time writing for fun.

Hope you humans have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day!

irish facehugger



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Photo Phriday: Aliens and Ice

In this sweltering heat, we aliens have a tougher time than humans—we sweat AND drool!  Ice is a prized commodity in every alien household.

Here are some alien ice cube trays:

To keep the house nice and cool, how about a Xenomorph ice sculpture?

xenomorph ice sculpture

And just for laughs, don’t forget about the wonderful play, Aliens on Ice! This will keep everyone cool and laughing!


Stay cool, my human friends!


The Newest Terminator: The DARPA Atlas Robot

More terminators to save humans! Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has created the Atlas Robot to help defend humans. We could’ve helped you, but you didn’t trust us:
“During the first 24 hours [of Fukushima], there were several opportunities for intervention to help make the disaster less severe,” DARPA’s Dr. Gill Pratt told Ars Technica, “but unfortunately, people could not go in to that zone because the radiation was too high, and as a result, the disaster was worse than it could have been.”
We only want to help you! Remember humans won the War with the Machines. You have reprogrammed us to be your friends and assistants. We love humans!

Stories by Williams

Atlas_robotJudgement Day has come early this year! At least that’s the impression I got when I took a look at this new DARPA prototype for a future robotic infantryman. With its anthropomorphic frame, servomotors and cables, sensor-clustered face, and the shining lights on its chest, this machine just screams Terminator! Yet surprisingly, it is being developed to help humans beings. Yeah, that’s what they said about Skynet, right before it nuked us!

Yes, this 6-foot, 330-pound robot, which was unveiled this past Thursday, was in fact designed as a testbed humanoid for disaster response. Designed to carry tools and tackle rough terrain, this robot – and those like it – are intended to operate in hazardous or disaster-stricken areas, assisting in rescue efforts and performing tasks that would ordinarily endanger the lives of human workers.

LS3-AlphaDog6reducedFunded by DARPA as part of their Robotics Challenge, the robot was developed by Boston…

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Photo Phriday: 7-12-13

I’m starting a new feature on my blog—-Photo Phriday! 

Viktoria Modesta, pictured below, is a British model and singer with a prosthetic. She shows off her terminator leg often. You go, girl! Check out more on her website.


Here are more celebrities who have not shown their terminator parts. Wish they could be proud of themselves!

All images are on my Pinterest board “Other Robots and Aliens

Can you think of any other celebrities in the closet about their terminator-ness?